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If Anyone Sees This...
Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2021 6:42 pm by Lryuzaki13

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Affiliation With AKA!
Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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 Testing Rubric

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Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 24, 2013 10:35 pm

To link every time you are about to test someone. It will also prove that you are a tester.

You lose points from playing tiers. Our tier list at the end of the post.

Tester's list : (name - name on DN) in alphabetical order so you can check more easily :])

-ab9999 - (ab9999)
-Brainwashed Cow - (Brainwashed Cow)
-fox(Kemonomimi) - (Sylvan_fox)
-Führer Lunarnox - (Lunarnox)
-Hope(Loli-con) - (If he ever returns)
-Lryuzaki13 - (Lryuzaki13)
-Nitroglycerin - (Nitroglycerin)
-Why so serious ? - (KFC cocaine/wysoserious)
-Wynaughtify (KFC) - (KFC cocaine/wysoserious)

Tester Deck:

Testee Deck:

Deck Size: 40-42=5/5 ; 43-45=3/5 ; 46-60=0/5 (Please be smart with that section, for instance decks like shaddolls, lightsworn or sylvans are sometimes better with running 42 to 44 cards. Obviously these three decks can't really be played in test, but if a deck can consistently run more than 42 cards don't make them lose points. Although with forbidding tiers, most remaining decks should lose points for running more than 41 cards. Yes, I said 41).

Cards in Deck: ?/13 (you can lose 1 or 2 points if you play too many staple traps/spells, but this is about synergy/potential combos you have in the deck. You are allowed to showcase your combos at the end of the match if you want to prove your deck's worth, and couldn't show them during any duels to potentially earn a few points)

Quickness of Deck: ?/11 (grinding games don't affect this segment. But once you are set up, how much can you actually do. We won't be too harsh on this one, as we forbid tiers for testing. 10 aren't free delivered though. Neither are 8 and 9. It is also about how fast you can go through your deck, how much draw power/recruiting power you have.)

Deck Consistency: ?/15 (not only the actual consistency of your plays, but also how well you can rebound after being stopped or losing your field. If your deck top decks well, you can win more points).

Skill with Deck: ?/10 (misplays and such)

Knowledge of Rulings: ?/10 (you lose one point for each ruling mistake/missplay -and not missclick- occurring during the duel, up to 5 points, and will have to take an online test afterward, on 5 points as well).

Siding: ?/5 (to testers : please actually check)

Originality: ?/5 (well, forbidding tiers will help you with that ^^)

Attitude: ?/5 (don't be a jackass, and it is free points. Unless you tried an original exodia deck, that proves itself to not be that original, in which case you have 0 by default :< )

Results of Match (Tester:Testee): 2:0=0/21 ; 2:1=7/21 ; 1:2=14/21 ; 0:2 = 21/21


0-65: Slifer ; 66-80: Ra ; 81-95: Obelisk ; 96-100: Horakhty


-You can use both ocg/tcg exclusive cards. We follow the tcg banlist.

-All tests will be played in Advanced(unrated). The results of the match must be posted on the forums. Testers can not use Tier decks, and tier decks will deduct points from testees(30, 15, 5, for tiers 1, 2, 3, respectively.) If the testee tells the tester he is going to use a tier deck, the tester can use a tier deck as well, but never tier 1, and never a tier above the one the testee has decided to play. On top of that, the testee still loses points. Note, that in tourneys, you will be able to play any tier, maybe baring tier 1, and restrictions for tier 2.

-Furthermore, Exodia (unless it truly is an amazing exodia deck, but watch out, if the tester deem it not to be, it is 0 points. Amazing would be like spellbook exodia with guarded treasure and begone knave. And if your amazing build is inconsistent, don't forget you lose points from losing duels. It's your own bet), Deck out (unless it is some amazing uncanny combo), and Burn (it's just easy, dull and dumb to run, and not fun to face) are not allowed in the test, for testers or testees. Some cards that would be in those decks are allowed, however, as long as the deck is not based on that strategy. Even exodia parts :]

-Playing soul charge is an immediate -6

TIER LIST : (note that it is our own, subject to debate, according to the latest banlist, and includes unreleased playable cards on DN - that thus can't be played irl, and cannot have results in actual tourneys)

tier 1 :
-Yang zings (cosmic dragons)

tier 2 :
-Hieratic rulers
-Gagaga (Would maybe be tier 3 if they couldn't top deck an otk so easily)

tier 3 : (I will work on this tier, what should make the cut or not. Because most former tier 1 could be put in here, but then, it really limits what you can actually play. If everything that has a bit of worth ends up being in here, we won't be able to give perfect score at all, so there's that :< )
-fire fists (debating on tier 2, here for the moment because now wolfbark is at 1, on top of spirit)
-Heroes (elemental/masked)
-dark world
-Machina gadgets
-Fire kings
-Noble knights
-Harpies (just because of hysteric party, and maybe a little bit the access to big eye, although 101 is also a thing now)

Last edited by Lryuzaki13 on Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:20 am; edited 5 times in total
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Why so serious ?
Why so serious ?

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Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Re: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 6:53 am

New revamped testing rubric, now including explicit tier list and the tester's list. Also more explicit about each segment, and added a few further rules/specifications.
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Why so serious ?
Why so serious ?

Posts : 55
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Join date : 2013-08-24

Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Re: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 19, 2014 11:31 am

Edit n°2 : yet again, revamped section. The win/loss ratio isn't as important, and consistency/quickness/cards in deck are valued more. Basically, since we forbid tiers (and even if we didn't), the games can be won or loss over very small things. Sometimes the result of the match isn't actually revealing. For instance when cow played his penguin deck, he played really well, generated awesome advantage, but he lost the first game to a mirror force, as he was attacking for game. A tier deck can easily recover, it is not as easy with forbidding tiers. And also, even good decks can have bad hands that can cost a game. Then again, the result of a match are still kinda important, especially after siding. But still, now the match take only 21 points instead of 30.
Also, tell me (preferably by pm) if you want be to unpunish the use of supply unit. I put it at -4 instead of -5 though, so it doesn't prevent you from being in the green dorm anymore. I am still kinda iffy on its usage for a test.
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PostSubject: Re: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2014 4:38 pm

H.A.T. is tier 1 and I believe bujins dropped to tier 2
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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Re: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2014 7:13 pm

HAT is non existing anymore. I will put them, just forgot, though. I don't know if I want tier 1 or 2. I will also put tellarknights tier 1 (they are the second deck winning the most tournaments in ocg after shaddolls right now, so there's that).
But please, don't reply to the test rubric, if you have reclamation, you can, it's your right and I would hear them out, but I don't want the test rubric to get cloggy, so if you do, from now on, please do it in a new topic in site suggestion.
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PostSubject: Re: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitime

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Testing Rubric
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