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Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:10 am

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Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeby Fujiwara Shinji Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 pm

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» Yugioh video of the week !
Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeby Wynaughtify (KFC) Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:29 pm

» I'm back guys
Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm

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Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:56 am

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Affiliation With AKA!
Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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This time for sure (playlist and points)
Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 1:43 am by Why so serious ?
So now we actually finally have a playlist.

The rules (which are subject to change, I still haven't talk to Lryu about it) :
-You can pay 2000 points to add a song to the playlist
-If 5 people want the same song to be removed, we'll have a vote poll in which only one of these persons can vote (anyone) and where the one who submitted the song cannot.
-If 10 or more people want the same song to be …

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 Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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PostSubject: Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings   Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 9:26 am

Hey y'all, I haven't been really active for the past few days. I had stuff going on irl. And I figured I didn't really post a nice post in a while. We even got to test new members, so I should get back to this :]

And how best for me, the ruling guru, to get back into posting than writing about some rulings. Some might make you cringe, some might make you laugh, some might make you play differently, see other plays. It is yugioh, a wonderful journey where you can experiement all kinds of feelings Wink

So. I guess by now we all know artifacts, especially now that HAT (hands artifacts traptrix) have become so popular. They are annoying to face, but we have to admit that they are pretty effective when played correctly (and the bullshit begins here, as sometimes it is effective even when played poorly... Sad)
And they have that card, which isn't the main card when you play pure artifacts (that are so freakin damn fun to run, if you run them correctly, aka when you play them offensively and not passively, but that is a post for another day), but that is the main when they are teched in any other deck : Moralltach (don't fear, click it, you'll get to its wiki page :] ).
Now, here is the bullshit ruling. It doesn't target. It just doesn't. Just because konami decided it doesn't, same thing they did with spellbook of fate. At least it doesn't banish...
Also, one ruling point about cards that don't target : it's much harder to protect yourself against them, as they hit only on resolving, as they don't target on activation. So let's say you have a safe zone set. How does that works ?
If I would have for instance Diamond Dire Wolf, I would target one monster maybe, and you would chain Safe Zone and protect it. But if I use Moralltach, I don't target on activation, so if you chain Safe Zone to protect a monster, I can choose to pop another monster you have, or even Safe Zone that wasn't even face up when Moralltach activated. Because it doesn't target., and hit on resolving, so you cannot know what to protect.
Now you can look at it in a better way that would make you love Moralltach, rather than hate it as you probably do now.
Let's say you are playing against bujins, the deck that everyone hates (I don't :< ). They have a Hare and a Turtle in the grave, and a Yamato and a Susanowo on board. You get to activate Moralltach. Well, as you don't target, the Turtle is useless. Also if they want to protect their monster, they have to chain Hare. But as you don't target, you can destroy the monster they didn't choose to protect with hare. They have no way to know what you will hit. And worst, you can even change your mind according to their moves.
Also, everything like Skill Prisoner (which is an awesome card) that wreck Pleiades, 101, Castel, all that they don't care, because they don't target. That's the almighty power of cards that don't target. And Moralltach joined that very VIC (yes that makes it very very important) circle.

So isn't that a way to start the post ? It is also funny (and I didn't so that on purpose) as my last post in this ruling section was about Heliopolis, a card that doesn't target either. Fun thing that I did say in that post, but you probably missed it, even if Heliopolis would nuke your entire field and you have a Starlight Road, you can't chain Road to Heliopolis. Everything is explained in that previous post. Also, all the wiki links to the cards Very Happy And maybe a music to listen to if I think about it when I am done writing all I wanted (and probably more, as I usually do - for instance the ruling point on cards that don't target wasn't planned).

Now an interesting ruling with Book of Moon (or how to mess with shadolls).
Say I have a monster summoned from the extra deck. My opponent activates Shaddoll Fusion. I can chain my Book of Moon to my monster.
There is the interesting ruling, if a monster summoned from the extra deck is flipped face down, it is not consider summoned from the extra deck anymore (it is still considered as special summoned though), even when it is flipped face up later.
So Book of Moon is chain link 2, thus resolving before Shadoll Fusion. So when fusion actually resolves, you don't have a monster summoned from the extra deck (if that was your only monster summoned from the extra deck obviously, or if you run Book of Eclipse instead/on top of Book of Moon), and they can't use monster from the main deck anymore. And the best part is, if they don't have enough fodders for either Midrash or Neph (and now also Eg - not on DN yet though) on their hand and/or side of the field, Fusion will go to grave without resolving. And if that is the case, you do get to check their extra deck, their hand and their set monsters to verify that they really can't summon a shadoll fusion monster (because they have to, with using their hand and/or field if they can).
Now, isn't that a pretty neat ruling ? Kinda fun as well :] That was basically a how to troll thingy ^_^ or aka the almighty good old

Should we go on with these obscure rulings ? I actually wanted to talk about that Book of Moon rulings in a ruling test, or maybe ask it to testees :] Oh well, it's there now anyway.

Another fun one, and I guess it'll be all for today.

So there are these three cards : Shadow Mist (who is a she, and probably Stratos' girl), Mask Change and Dark Law.
If you special summon Shadow, you can add Mask Change, set it, and as it is a quick-play activate it on your opponent's turn. Because you can only use one of her effets and only once that turn. This way you can trigger both of her effects, because she does trigger when she is used as fodder for the almighty Dark Law.
Two words about Dark Law. It is a freakishly amazing card. I mean, it is a walking Macro Cosmos but in the vein of Plasma that only affects your opponent, and with a bonus effect. And what bonus effect ! Every time they get a card from the main deck to the hand outside than draw phase (including when they draw), you get to banish a random card in their hand. And if they want to preserve certain cards by setting them, you have all the more chances to banish the one they added afterward. Now, it is a "once per turn" effect, and not a "you can only use this effect of ... once per turn" effect. Meaning that if you have multiple Dark Law out at the same time, you get to banish the same amount once per turn. That's just messed up xD Imagine playing against spellbooks :< And many many decks that can't go off without recruiting : geargias, mermails, bujins, dark world... Many of the tier 1 in that spot... Not mentioning that most deck are hurt really bad by having all their cards banished.
Geargias not so much, but if they can't recruit, they better draw that Geargiagear, and they won't have huge come backs thanks to the Geargianos+Redox.
Mermails are hurt as bad by his two effects. They need all that recruiting and the grave really bad. I mean, if they don't have a grave, they can't even special summon their level 7... (as sending to the grave is a cost they wouldn't be able to pay)
Bujins, it's a fun match-up. If they didn't set up enough early on, you might have game once you get Dark Law. And if you get a first turn Dark Law, they better have some traps and pray you don't have any protection. Because Hare and Turtle wouldn't be given a chance to hit the grave and protect their fellow beast-warriors companions, and Crane needs to hit the grave, so they wouldn't be able to use at all. Also, without bujins in the grave, they can't use Bujincarnation as they would miss half of the targets (also, if you chain D.D. Crow or Burial from a Different Dimension on either one of the targets, they get to summon none of them :] ), and they won't have fodders for Hirume. So they better pray to God they can draw Tensu, and then that you won't have any backrow which heroes usually run a lot of :<
Dark world. Well, they just lose straight up to dark worlds, even harder than mermails, unless they already have a Grapha in grave, but again, backrow...
And now imagine Mirror Force alongside Dark Law ^^
And finally, one last thing conerning Dark Law/Mask Change. Mask Change is a quick-play, and you may draw draw it. So you might be able to summon any dark e heroes and set it. Then, as it is a quick-play, you can chain it to any card that would make the opponent draw/recruit. You would summon Dark Law before their effect resolves, and thus you would get to banish a card from their hand, and they might not have seen that coming :] It does work when you chain Mask Change to Pot of Duality for instance. Dark Law is just way too good, especially with appropriate backrow support.
Also, two last things, monarchs have to sacrifice a Treeborn, unless they are blessed enough to have Storm Forth, and Shadolls can't trigger shit, and this not play, unless they decide to sacrifice three cards : one shadoll monster, one light monster and one Shadoll Fusion. All three will get banished. And then they have to hope Neph's attack will go through.

Hmmm. I can't stop there now can I ? I have still a lot to talk about. But I migth do it in another post, since there is already only Lryu that will read this one with already that length haha

A little bit more though. But quicker ones ^^

So. Pendulum summons are inherent summons. Meaning you can't chain to the attempt to summon (meaning no Maxx "C"), but at the same time, it means that you can use cards like Black Horn of Heaven, Steelswarm Roach (they only negate one of them though, these specific two cards that is) and all that jazz against pendulum summoned monsters.

Also, apparently konami changed ruling about Honest, Kalut and such that don't specify "during damage calculation", well, they can't be used during damage calculation anymore. So basically the Honest+Crane combo doesn't work anymore ^^

I guess I could talk about Hands and Vanity's Emptiness (whether or not yuo are the controller of said Vanity), or other fun and/or obscure rulings but we are really done for now, aren't we ?

Oh I guess a little bonus : Anti-Spell Fragrance. If your opponent is playing a pendulum deck. They can't pendulum at all anymore, as you can't set the pendulum cards xD (X_x(O=(^.^Q)

Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings LPUPrCs
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PostSubject: Re: Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings   Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2014 1:20 pm

Very interesting, as always. I wonder if we'll start to see people siding/maining Anti-Spell Fragrance as Pendulum summons become more popular. Or they might make new cards to counter the pendulum summon/remove the limits on some backrow. I'm sure many people are excited to get back to using heroes now that Dark Mist is a thing, since they were so popular before. I liked Mask Change heroes more than normal ones anyway : p. I haven't played HAT that much, but they are indeed quite effective. At least they're not E drags and Prophecy with Judgement.

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PostSubject: Re: Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings   Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2014 12:53 pm

Whoa... These really are neat/funny/bullshit rulings lmao (Btw, I read it all to Razz)
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PostSubject: Re: Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings   Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings I_icon_minitime

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Some neat/funny/bullshit rulings
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