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» If Anyone Sees This...
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Fri Aug 20, 2021 6:42 pm

» I'm kinda Back,
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:10 am

» Affiliation With AKA!
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Fujiwara Shinji Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 pm

» Yugioh video of the week ! (4)
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» Yugioh video of the week !
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Wynaughtify (KFC) Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:29 pm

» I'm back guys
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm

» Korean exclusive ftw
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:56 am

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If Anyone Sees This...
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2021 6:42 pm by Lryuzaki13

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Affiliation With AKA!
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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 Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 7:30 am

I have many shadoll builds. 6 as of now. Still planning on more ^^

Here will be my first good shadoll build, and second one in total. My first shadoll build was shadoll bujin. The idea was obviously to have an engine to dump the relics in the grave, and go for power plays with the bujins, while being protected, and have the opponent face on top of the bujintei, nephilim. Midrash + yamato/susanowo is also a nice looking field. Now, it was my first attempt at shadolls, and I didn't know the archetype too well. It did allow me to have a better take on how they work, and helped me in my further builds. I might want to go back to that idea at some point though ^^

So here will be the kuribandit build. I also have a norleras build with BLS, skill prisoner and level eater, all at one, instead of the three kuribandit.

The deck list is followed by the building thought process. Note that I wrote it the day after I made the deck, and didn't play much with it at this point.

Monsters (28/29) :

kuribandit x3
shadoll falcon x3
shadoll beast x2
shadoll dragon x2
shadoll hedgehog x2
a/d changer x3
necro gardna x3
electromagnetic turtle x1
effect veiler x3
sky scourge norleras x3
phantom of chaos x3
(BLS x1)

Spells (9) :

shadoll fusion x3
dark eruption x2
book of moon x1
foolish burial x1
hand destruction x2

Traps (3) :

shadollroots x3

Extra deck (well, 15, duh :] )

Fusion (6) :

El-shadoll midrash x3
El-shadoll nephilim x3

xyz (3) :

enterprisenir x1
felgrand x1
alsei x1

Synchro (6) :

star eater x2
Leo x2
black rose x1
moonlight x1

Basically the point of the deck is to abuse free advantage with abusing Norleras. Norleras is usually a gamble, but as it triggers your shadolls, you actually quite plus, w/e the game state was. Your opponent loses everything, while you gain advantage instead. But it's like a get out of jail card. You don't have to go for it. I've won many games, with a live Norleras, but without using it. Sometimes I also use it, just because I like to go boom xD But it isn't always necessary.

Now, lemme explain some card choices.

The three kuribandit, I wasn't sure at first, as it does waste the normal summon/set and leaves the field kinda open. But then I figured, it was too good not to play. It triggers the shadolls, and let you grab a spell, and if you mill too many spells, if there is shadollroots and fusion among them, you can get back two potentially, so it's ok. But as I was playing kuribandit, I had to play some defenses from the grave, and a mean to get phantom of chaos back in case I excavate it. So I put an electromagnetic turtle, three necro gardna and two dark eruption. And if I excavate the latter, I can get it back anyway, so win-win. Also, having dark eruption in hand allows to get back shadolls from the grave back before norlerasing, so you can trigger their effect. I used to play three, but cut one for BLS. Dunno what’s best. Might cut one norleras instead.

Then, I took a look at the shadolls themselves. I obviously put three shadoll fusion, because yeah ^^
Then after some previous testing with another shadoll build (shadoll bujin :] ), I came to the conclusion that beast is awesome, and falcon much needed. So I play three falcon, which is mandatory in my opinion, and it can even get the fusions back, even though in face-down, two beast, because free advantage is awesome, and it is my main target for falcon, for stupid plusses, two hedgehog because ir helps you get what you need faster, and two dragons because it gives more reactivity to the deck, with backrow hate, and a mean to get over bosses, from the extra deck mostly. I rarely set it though, even with falcon. Never needed to for now. The backrow hate though, has proving quite nice. But I almost always set a beast with falcon, unless I need a shadoll fusion, in which case hedgehog obviously. I really don't like lizard all that much. Their main effect, is the sent to grave effect, and his would be nice if you need to complete an under 40 cards build, like with upstart goblin, without having to give your opponent life points, but this build really doesn't have any room. There are even stuff I wish I'd play, that I couldn't fit in the main deck. Its flip effect is good, but really not needed at all, and not only that, but beast is the go to target for falcon, almost always, so I'd barely ever use its flip effect, just like I practically never use dragon's flip effect. So I figured the best shadoll engine to have when you mix the deck with another, is three falcon, and two of each, except for lizard.

Then I noticed I have not many light monsters. And if I run out of light target, Nephilim is dead. I also figured, hand advantage deosn't matter all that much, since you are probably going to Norleras at some point. So I put three effect veilers. It's light, it's always good, and it is even a tuner if needed. Of course, it is food for summoning Nephilim only if all the other targets are already in the grave. I also figured a/d changer would be awesome with all the flip effects, and it is light, and it activates in grave, so perfect fodder for shadoll fusion, and nice to excavate with kuribandit. And it’s nice to have immediate advantage when you flip a falcon for a beast in grave, you can immediately go +2 and then synchro for 7. I wish beast was level 6, and you’d synhcro for beelze ^^

Then I had no idea which light monsters to add, so I put three shadollroots, which I can use to summon nephilim. It can also add back shadoll fusions that are in the grave, mostly because of kuribandit (this way I can choose to add another spell, and still have a way to get fusion back later on, or even the same turn). It can also let me summon enterprisenir, which I actually summoned twice already (the deck is only one day old ^^). It also allows me to go for star eater with falcon, or Leo with veiler, so yeah, a pretty neat card for the archetype, and it's been proving useful.

Throughout the whole building process, I obviously only picked light and dark monsters, and have enough of each to have a live fusion extra deck, without any worries. Shadoll fusion can obviously use Norleras for midrash, that's the whole point ^^

Then, I needed to play a few spells, other than fusion and dark eruption. I immediately put a foolish burial, for obvious reason, trigger your shadoll, or send a norleras, or even an electromgnetic turtle or an a/d changer in worst case scenario.
My next obvious choice was book of moon, because it is a good card overall, and let you reset your shadoll, to trigger them as they are being attacked, and it also protects your life points, so yeah.

The three Norleras and the three phantom of chaos are the point of this deck, so duh. And they are dark, it's all good ^^ (and otherwise, I wouldn't have had the idea of Shadoll Norleras :< )

Then, I had two extra spaces. I really wanted to play BLS, skill prisoner(s), breakthough skill(s), but in the end, I chose to try two hand destructions. I usually don't like hand destruction at all, as it can be dead for one, then it is an inherent minus 1, and it lets your opponent set up the grave/choose a better hand for free. But I don't care about their advantage, as I can Norleras the field, and it triggers the shadolls. I had doibt about  it, but it's actually been quite good. It's also a card I don't care losing at all, as I norleras ^^ Where I would hate losing a soul charge in the process for instance.

I'm quite happy with the main deck for now, except maybe with the lack of BLS (I switch him in and out), with itches me, when there are so many lights and darks xD I really want to swap a Norleras for a BLS, I might at some point. Or even a hand destruction. For now, I swap with a dark eruption.

About the extra deck now. I might want to cut one midrash, as I mostly go for nephilim, just because her dumping effect is awesome, not even for the catastor like effect. I put Leo and star eater both at two, just because, but once I deal with the side deck, I might cut them to 1, at least star eater.  Although Leo is awesome. After you flip falcon for beast, you can synchro it with Neph, get a leo, don’t have a 600 beater in attack position, and you get the spell back anyway, thanksto neph’s aweseomeness. Felgrand is a staple in my opinion when you play level 8, and detaching nephilim does trigger her effect to add back fusion, so might as well have it just in case. Then Alsei is just awesome, it gets over everything, let you go through your deck even faster, can kill the opponent top deck eventually, and it triggers the shadoll as well. I had two at first. Enterprisenir at 1, because might as well, and I already went for it ^^ Then black rose is falcon + beast, in case I fear any potential backrow, before going for a Norleras play. It does sometimes make me lose the falcon effect I would have got from Norleras, but sometimes it is worth it. Moonlight dragon is the latest add-on to the extra. It just kills the opponent, and prevent some nasty top deck, like the heraldic advanced ritual art or an Altair ^^

Basically I usually triggers a falcon with Norleras. On my next turn, and usually it survives, just because the opponent has nothing left, and I play enough gardnas like cards, I can flip it, get a beast, trigger beast with a/d changer, and get moonlight. It just achieves the opponent after getting Norlerased. Not mentioning you go further plus with said beast. It's like the ultimate combo, the nail in the coffin. It does wreck after a Norleras went off. Well, it would have been ultimate if beast was level 6 :< One thing as well, dark eruption let me get any shadoll I want to trigger with Norleras before going for it ^^
That is one reason why falcon is usually live as I Norleras (even after I use falcon for a black rose ^^).

For the moment, I didn't encounter much opponents, nor really good ones, but I am still undefeated though. I did face six sams (lost the first game, I went second, he had a bottomless and otk'd me second turn...), but I won the next two games. Thanks to my only two sided cards ^^ I also faced cosmic dragons, and they did got a Shofuku, but as I said earlier, a/d changer saved me. Then I had a live Norleras, and went +5, and maybe stole the win ^^ I also faced archfiends, which I had no problem against what so ever. I also faced a synchron deck, and won this one without using Norleras. Leo and book of moon ftw ^^ I had it live though. Then a bunch of random decks that I either forgot, or that aren't worth mentionning. The only ones I sweat against were six sams and cosmic dragons.

For now, in my side deck, I only have two super poly (goodbye shi en xD), because it is an obvious choice. Some decks, most notably the mirror match, are a bad match-up. Tellaknights are also a bad match-up if they have deltatheros out, and if I don't have an immediate play after Norleras (I always go plus as using it, because I don't use it whenever, I have a brain ^^ but I don't always have a play the same turn, , I usually have one the next one actually. Sometimes I do though.

But I was thinking, it is quite easy to side the Norleras engine out, and replace it with a small lightsworn engine (without JD), that works very well with the deck, with everything having an effect in grave, or being triggered while sent to it. But for that, I'd need to tweak the extra deck a bit, I haven't thought out everything just yet.

So as I said, all that was the day after I made the deck. If you want, you can play one rainbow kuriboh instead of one a/d changer.

But after some more duels, it is a really solid deck. Being able to go plus and gain advantage whatever the gamestate was, while clearing the opponent's board from everything is really good. Ask lryu ^^ He had an utopia equipped with tornado bringer (can't be targeted), had a number wall (can't be destroyed), he had a clear advantage and was one turn to victory, when Luna pulled off the Norleras, and won by two or three turns. Also, this deck is really awesome. So there's that ^^

The deck doesn't like the mirror match all that much though. Decks that can rebound quickly, heh it depends. But the thing is in the mirror match, is that you won't want to use Norleras, and at this point, you have kind of a weaker shadoll deck. It can still win, mind you, but then it all comes down to luck. Depends on what everyone has left. One time though, the only time I faced the mirror match, I norlerased, because I would have lost otherwise. The opponent obviously recovered a few shadoll fusions, but didn't have enough fodder for it on the next turn (or did he ? He didn't fusion though, maybe because it wouldn't have been plus, and then I could have used my main deck with my own fusion that I added back). On the second turn after norleras though, I made a power play, and went for both moonlight and midrash. This way, he only had one special summon, and it automatically goes back to the extra. Well, you can only use one fusion per turn, sure, but it was in case of a bls or anything of the sort. Clutch victory ^^

Now, this was my first competitive shadoll build, if want me to talk about some other builds I have, I would share them with joy ^^

I have shadoll bujins, that I already mentioned, but still didn't update, shadoll norleras, which I think you know a bit now (although I mostly talk about the building process, not too much in-depth into the deck), shadollsworn, that have big power plays, but that can't do all that much (unless nice hand) if the opponent doesn't summon from the extra (they actually hate the monarch match-up :] ), and more and more decks can compete without, and although it is pretty neat, it is a sacky luck deck. The problem with them, is that you can waste effects, as shadolls are once per turn, so if you mill many, only one actiavtes, and also, if you mill all three of your fusions early, welp, it's hard to have power plays after that. It's not a bad deck at all, but it's not as good as people thought it would be. Then, I have shadollbooks, with the extra draw from tower everyturn, the attack boost from star hall for midrash (3600 atk midrash ftw imo), easy power plays with life, easy disrupting plays with fate, nice engine with secret, master, eternity, power (and dat boost dou). Spellbook of life makes up for easy xyz/synhcro plays though. It's not the most consistent variant, but I think when it goes off, it's the best one. Once, I had midrash, Leo, beelze and priestess on board, with a 1000 atk bonus  or so for all my spellcasters. And obviously a fate every turn. This deck can become crazy. And it is really fun to play. Also, once I got exciton knight, as my field was incredible. After that, my field was obviously weaker (duh), but I actually had more card advantage after the exciton knight than before xD So once it goes off, not only is it so good, it is really consistent at this point. You need to open kinda good, and more especially, to not have your early plays disrupted. And the deck doesn't run traps/mst :< The room is really tight to have both a solid shadoll engine, and a solid spellbook engine :< So except for the shadoll bujin one, all these decks are pretty much trap free. And I forgot, but I don't think I actually play that much trap in shadoll bujin, probably only the generic one, 1 compulse, 1 bottomless, and maybe 2 d prison or 2 phoenix wing wind blast.  As you probably know, I play mostly for fun, and although I am not the best deck builder, my decks have some pretty neat combos and nice power plays. But I rarely play trap heavy deck, just because I play for fun, and thus my decks revolve more around combos and stuff, than pure competitiveness. Also, playing traps isn't fun. Winning because i drew warning isn't fun. My decks aren't bad though, mind you, at all, ask Luna, she really is enjoying my norleras build (although she did tweak it her own way ^^). But sometimes decks have all their combos, and still have room for a solid trap engine. And that's the case of my fifth shadoll build. It is just pure shadolls. I threw in it many ideas I had for a shadoll deck, and somehow, with being kind of trap heavy, it is still 40 cards. At some point it was 42, but after some testing, bls wasn't worth it in this build (there is never any light I want to banish :< even for a bls), and centrifugal field doesn't work. I think it is my most solid shadoll build even, with power plays, traps needed for more serious competitiveness, plussing everywhere, nice recovery, and good flexibility to answer the opponent's field. Good enough. Because, although there are solid answers, I have only 1 of most of them in the extra. But yeah, nice build, still evolving, but really neat. And finally, I have shadoll dark world. Now, it is kinda gimmicky to call it a shadoll deck, as I don't even play shadoll fusion in it. The reason being, building a chaos deck isn't worth it if you are wanting to play dark world. So you only have darks. So your only viable target is midrash. And you don't want to play midrash in dark world. It is a bad idea. So basically, I play triple beast, triple falcon, and build kind of around it. I think it is my most inconsistent shadoll deck, as if you can't get beast in grave fast enough, or can't discard stuff fast enough, you don't have any plays. But if open good, oh my god, this is the most plussing build of them all. Dark smog is such a cool anti meta trap as well. Everytime I faced bujins I drew it even ^^ No relic support, and it allows me to discard grapha (while banishing turtle, hare...) :] It's a bit like shadollbooks, if it goes off, oh god, it goes off, but it has to go off. But in shadollbooks you don't really have dead hands, it's just that if your early plays get disrupted, well the fun of the deck disappears, and you won't get back on your feet. And as most decks run traps... But you don't really have dead hands, and it is as plus as shadoll dw, and your fields are more consistent as well. In shadoll dw, you have dead hands. You really do. But when it goes off, although the field itself isn't as good, most of the times, the control you have on the plays is crazy. Basically, if you draw dark smog, you are in for a nice ride. It's really gimmicky, but it's fun. Really fun. But inconsistent. Not thaaat badly, but still. Once though for instance, I went for a leo, destoyed two cards, went for felgrand, and had yet another grapha still. All in one turn. Also, it was turn 5 or so, and I had 7 cards left in the deck. When it goes off, it goes off.

Now, my next ideas are shadoll chaos dragon. Basically using shadoll fusion as their lost future fusion. Not as much duming, but an actual fusion on board ^^ That's the idea at least, gotta make it real. I also want to make shadoll blue-eyes. But then, I don't know what to focus on, the draw engine, or just dumping the blue eyes so they don't get into the hand, and then focusing more on combos. I also want to play shadoll heroes, with the new shadow mist. Although it would mean going first for midrash, so I don't know at all how I would make it. But in this deck, you could main super poly ^^ And that is all I got for now.

So tell me if you want more in depth post about one of these decks, with potentially a deck list Razz

One thing you have to keep in mind, the shadoll engine, is at least 13 cards in the main and 5-6 in the extra. It does take a lot of room, and thus, you can't splash them anywhere (although I might just proved the contrary to you :] ).

So yeah, onto more long ass posts, we will revive this damn acad Very Happy
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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 11:49 pm

Whoa... You really like these Shadolls.... Well that's cool and all but 6 builds a bit too much xD
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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 4:22 am

I also was thinking about shadoll cyber dragon, but I misread core. Then again, it might still work, but it wouldn't be near as good as what I had in mind :<

I also came across an amazing card for the archetype, that would make for a kinda different build (other than the card itself obvioulsy). I am also still looking for new ideas ^^

I once saw shadoll spellbook exodia. It was amazing. The guy would summon exodia parts after dumping them, and using the spellbook engine as well as the shadow one, while going insanely plus, and getting the parts back in hand with begone knave ! It was just mind blowing :<

As for the post's length, I have done much worse by the past ^^ I had an entire almost complete ruling post, with everything to know, a table of content, "chapters", example for each ruling section, titles for each part, and all.But it got deleted, after I put so much work into it, and apparently, I had forgotten to save it :< I might do another one, but really only if we get enough members and that ask for it. I also have an idea for an really cool post, maybe not as relevant as it would have been when I first planned it, but heh.

Also, as much as I like shadolls, there are only two things you need to know about me : I love KFC and muh cupcakes (muh cupcakes being madolches, and a few formats ago, I did have 5 madolche builds as well ^^).
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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 2:00 pm

Very Happy I like Madolches to! They my main deck right now Smile And why was that post deleted?
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Spirit of Darkness

Spirit of Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2014 5:42 pm

Shaddoll artifacts are a potent version since they have the ability to easily eliminate threats and they artifact summons are during your opponent's turn so it synergizes well with Midrash.
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Why so serious ?
Why so serious ?

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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2014 7:29 pm

It is a good variant, I agree. A more aggressive one than usual shaddolls. It is not so much my playstyle. I tried somehting a bit gimmicky though, SAT haha (I wanted to dump myrmeleo for shekh and reborn it with dionea). It does work. I never tried "pure" shaddoll artifact, but I know they are good ^^
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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.   Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere. I_icon_minitime

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Shadolls, shadolls, shadolls. Shadolls everywhere.
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