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» I'm kinda Back,
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:10 am

» Affiliation With AKA!
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Fujiwara Shinji Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 pm

» Yugioh video of the week ! (4)
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:51 pm

» Yugioh video of the week ! (3)
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Wynaughtify (KFC) Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:28 pm

» Yugioh video of the week ! (2)
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Wynaughtify (KFC) Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:38 am

» Yugioh video of the week !
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Wynaughtify (KFC) Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:29 pm

» I'm back guys
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm

» Korean exclusive ftw
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Why so serious ? Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:56 am

» Deck building challenge #1 update
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeby Lryuzaki13 Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:08 am

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Affiliation With AKA!
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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This time for sure (playlist and points)
What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 1:43 am by Why so serious ?
So now we actually finally have a playlist.

The rules (which are subject to change, I still haven't talk to Lryu about it) :
-You can pay 2000 points to add a song to the playlist
-If 5 people want the same song to be removed, we'll have a vote poll in which only one of these persons can vote (anyone) and where the one who submitted the song cannot.
-If 10 or more people want the same song to be …

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 What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) Empty
PostSubject: What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )   What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2014 5:40 pm

I've tested many stuff in the end recently. Against the ai mostly, and a tiny little bit against real players. Now, most decks are really effective as long as you open good enough. Some are better, as in more consistent, or have a wider ranger of good opening hands, or better rebound plays. Of course, that's why you ended up mentionning tiers of "effectiveness". But now, many more decks have the ability to respond to the big ones.

So I am not here to discuss what decks are better (bujins, sylvans, madolches probably, geargia as well and I must forget a few others, but who cares ?).

I am here to talk about recently, what decks have you had the more fun playing with ? As I said I've been testing quite a few decks, and there is not the same enjoyment feeling while playing them. Some are really good, but fun at first then plain boring forever, some are fun, as long as you do not pley too much of them, and some are just really enjoyable to play, even in defeat.

I've pretty much been testing all the new stuff, baring fire fists (that not that new), geargias (not that new either), chronomallies (that gost some really good support, I'm smelling tier 2/3) and spirits (that got interesting support, making them actually really decent). Everything else I think (amongst the more recent stuff, let's say since fire fists first came out) I think I've been testing.

And the decks I've been playing the most have been good old gadgets with now beelze in their arsenal, alongside the already almighty big eye and fortress, draggysworn, that are controlled saccyness incarnate (alongside sylvans) and battlin boxers, that got pretty fun with their new toys.

I've always loved gadgets. They lost two redox (but honestly, I usually played one or two anyways) and ultimate offering. On the other hand, they gained honors, rank-up magic for a more xyz oriented build or beelze if you want some synchros in the extra. In the end they lost one win condition card, but got more responsive. I think it is a pretty fair trade, and they still go plus like no other deck (until you discard countless cards to spam many fortress, but at this point, you are supposed to have gained enough advantage to not be considered minus). They are pretty consistent, have a pretty decent topdeck ability, good rebound plays and I still love playing with them :]

Draggysworn is I think the deck I've been playing the most woth, especially against the ai. I don't mind sacking an ai over and over (but I used this deck against a human only once). I've had this deck (slightly different build, since there weren't the lightsworn synchro, the new black rose and the dragons weren't limited) for quite a time. I've always liked it. Let's face it, it is a no brainer, but God, is it fun to play nonetheless, especially when you had a long day, and don't want to think but just go plus and sack always for free. So I've had this deck for a very long time, and it is a shame that now everybody seem to be playing it, on ygo/devpro at least. Because I've had many dragons deck, but never straight up drgaons. I've had draggyhole (traptrix rulers), draggydolche (draccossack + tiaramisu so plus lol, it was actually really good and fun, although you did have some dead hands now and then), draggynuke (I ran three black rose, and god was it effective), and draggymyth, with the mythical dragons. I'v had three consistent ways of dealing with hardened arm obelisk, and I did that in purpose, to counter it.My mindset was if I can deal with that monster consistently, I can deal with everything. And the deck was really good. I barely even went for rank 7 even, only synchro plays, spam of dragons, and rank 8 monsers. Sometimes in the same turn :] It was actually the deck I used the only time I played nitro and I destroyed him. I think it was one of the best deck I've ever built, and I really did it from scratch. Usually I netdeck at first (except the extra dec, mostly the core combo actually), test a bit, and twist it to fit my playstyle. Then as time goes, I make even more personal versions. But this one deck, I did it all by myself, and improved it bit by bit, as duels went. And I was very proud, and now it is dead. Oh well, it was still fun. But the point is, my draggysworn deck, was prett personal as well, and not popular at all. So when I used it, I wasn't ashamed. Now, I feel like if I use it, people won't recognize the personal build, and it is considered a bit too "easy" to run it. It is. But it wasn't that easy to build at first, and I unlike many others, did it all by myself. Oh well, I still have fun while desrtoying the ai. The deck is very plus, very consistent, and the rebound plays are pretty ok. The topdecks are irrelevant, I usually get my one jd very quickly, by forcing it into my hand (not counting on topdecking), and three diabolos for quick rank 7 plays, alongside the drgaons, and means to get rid of the oppoent backrows (when I don't black rose the field firs :] ). This deck is litterally a weapon of mass destruction, and to be honest, I barely ever go for JD. And I don't run honest either, nor the level 3 tuner that eryone loves to run. As I said, I made it my own personal build. I always keep JD in my hand "just in case", but in the end, I barely ever need it.

I've never liked battlin boxers. I didn't hate the deck, as I hated fire fists, six samuarais or spellbook (which for the latter I actually quite like now, the original builds tha is, that go for quasar, that rip off your entire hand into the deck, that jackpotseven your face, and that can abuse rank ups, and go for any xyz spellcaster, from rank 2 to Cool. The basic spellbook deck, I still hate it. But the reason I didn't like battlin boxer,wasn't because of their playstyle. I didn't actuallt disliked facing it. (and I didn't disliked facing spellbooks, six sams and fire fists because I lost to them, but because I despite their playstyle. Well, spellbooks on top of that, I actually lost to it quite a lot, but judgement was op, wasn't it ? xD The other, heh, six sams suck, or rather, they can't topdeck for shit and go minus for every one of theu play, even withthe free pot of greed... and fire fists, well I guess it was pretty much 50/50. They were pretty good.) So I actualyl disliked them,as I didn't want to play with them because they look so bad.That's the only reason. Sure they ere pretty straight forward, and it was all about yoke, yoke, yoke. But he, yoke is pretty fun. It was really the fact that I really don't like their art.That's it. And as much fun as yoke could be, it was never enough for me to get into playing them. But recently they got some really interesting new toys, and now they are so fun to play with, that I got into it, despite their art which I still don't like at all. It's pretty fun to play, but really, the more fun I have is when I have xyz gift in hand. God I love that card in a deck that can abuse it for "free" ! Honestly though, draw two, reattach one materials you detached, gain 800 atk with the other mon you detached from, and then add back two card from your graveyard into your hand ? Go basically plus verywhere ? Go plus 3 for free and a 800 atk boost ? It is so unfair that it is very fun. And having only one material left on yoke really isn't a problem, when you can draw into mirror force, xyz block, xyz reflect, skill prisoner, d prison, bottomless and what not. It's actually better to have one material and any of these than two material, and the immediate 3k atk stat is life saving in certain scenarios. Imagine you are facing ptolemy or chaos sorcerer. You can't kill them at 2200, so going for yoke is point less, as even crashing into them to get the boost will not be fast enough. So there shadow is actually pretty neat as well, to profit from the boost as quickly as possible.

I think as you saw, I love deck that draw and just straight up add cards to the hand. That's why no matter the deck I play, I never even llok at exciton knight. I think it is so overrated. You can only use it if you are minus... And the goal of every dec, if you want them to be competitive, is to go plus. It is pretty counter productive. now, it isn't a bad card, and for certain decks, it allows for better topdecks, if they allow you to go for a rank 4, but it is really overrated still. And if you have stuff on board while havong to go for it, you are already minus, since you are able to use it, but on top of that, you won't gain much advantage. And the turn you use it, you can't even deal damage. Everyone was like, yay, jd for everyone, but let me say, this card is not near as good as the good old broken dragon of light. Which art everybody like :] And if jd gets stop once, he can stil try again. And if JD gets veilered, you still have a 3k beatstick or rank 8 fodder. And if your opponent has 3k lp or less, JD=gg. As you all know, I also love madolches. And I also really like the good old plants, and bujins, and sylvans, and really responsive decks, like my many dragon variants.

There are two things that make me feel enjoyment while playing yugioh : they are drawing (or adding cards to hand), and options. I love having options. Like having the possibility to go for anything in my extra deck with what I have in hand, and even betetr if I can go for many of them. And going plus, is actually a mean of ensuring that you have options. I don't care that much about a deck efficieny, I care about its potential to go plus and to be responsive as fuck, even if in the end, I don't even go 50/50 in the win/loss ratio. That's why I really like most synchri deck. Synchros are the epitome of reponsivity, while xyz are the epitome of consistency. In a synchro deck, you always have the choice for anything, as long as your deck is good enough. In an xyz deck, you usually have staple plays. With a synchro deck, you are are responding with the adapted level of synhcro to what your opponent is making you deal with. That's why in my gadget deck I play the slightly synchro oriented build (don't know if anyone does that as well, and it is only 4 synhcros in the end ^^) instead of the more popular rank up variant. But I haev to say that the rank up variant is actually pretty responsive and fun as well, as you get to choose between something that absorb your opponent monsters, a 4k beater, somehting to pop one opponent backrow, or somehting that wrecks topdecking. Yeah, gadgets are fun no matter the build actually ^^

Now, these were the decks I play the most. But there are some other deck I enjoy just as much playing, even though I play them a bit less.

First off, are obviously madolches. I was actually hesitating to put them on this post. You all know I've always loved muh cupcakes, but most likely since anjelly, they are a bit too good, but not in a fun sense. So before writing this post, I went ahead and played a few duels with them. And first duel I got, I staright up had three gelatos in my first hand. Basically, it is the one only card you don't want to draw in your entire deck (alongside puddingcess if you play one of her). Most people play two. I've always pleyed three, as this "ensure" that I always have at least one in the deck in order to speical it from the deck with either hootcake or anjelly, and go plus. In the hand, gelato is pointless. So pointless, than while most players add it back to hand with chateau and tiara, I alwyas whoose to not go plus, and put it back in the deck. And you should know how much I love going plus. So I was indeed pretty disppointed when I saw this hand. But that made me forced to play the deck differently, as invoker was pretty much dead, and hootcake not as interesting, and also, now I had no mean to add chateau or ticket. So I did play the entier duel without either of the spells, simply because I couldn't add them :/ Of course, I could have set one, so it goes back to the deck, and then have a target. But that also means being way too passive, and I knew I was playing chaos dragons, and they can still otk from nowhere. So I played with basically three cards (I summoned one gelato, normal summon, the turn I had game, and it wasn't even needed for me to summon it, I basically literally played with a three cards hand and the entire duel, except the last turn, I had the three gelatos stuck in my hand). Well, I did still manage to get over bls and beelze. Staring with a three cards hand. Becasue although I couldn't add niehter tocket or chateau, I opened mewfeuille and anjelly as well, with my really fun tech, I might talk about in an another post later on. Bls didn't even got the chance to attack or banish anyhting, and at my first turn, I think I only ended up with one puddingcess, one backrow and a mechquipped engineer... and three gelatos in hand :/ After that, I did spam countless rank 3, and managed to go for two tiaramisu. In my last turn, I even had the option to go for axcalibur and attack over a beelze at 3k (my opponent had 400 lp left).But I decided to go for tiara, just beacause it was more plus, and I love going plus.
That's anjelly for you,as long as you understand the deck, she is pretty much your get out of jail card. And if you don't understand the deck, she is still a broken card that let you spam tiara. And also, beofre you needed three cards minimum to go for a tiara plays. With anjelly, you only need her, and either on tenki and tg warwolf (tenki to add warwolf, unless youl already have it) or a mewfeuille. The probability of having that is really huge, especially with majoleine. A two card tiara that make you go plus. Yep, that's madolches now.
So basically, as long as you open with at least one of you 3 majoleine, 3 anjelly, 3 mewfeuille or 3 hootcake, you are usually good to go. One card out of 12 cards. Usually you have a play at least on turn two, and what a play !
And so I went into a second duel, happy that I just had a deck that porved me that madolches aren't just tiara into otk, and spamming gelatos or you lose. I think I went for 4 rank 3 and only two rank 4. It was a really fun duel, that gave me faith in madoclhes once again.
So I went inot this second duel, thinking, in the end, as long as I understand what makes the deck good, and don't play, I just need that 1 card out of 12, knowing that I open with 6 cards. Mathematically speaking you have 1.8 chance for that to happen, 1 being 100% chance. Well, that's with simplified formulas, becasue there is always a chance of having 6 spells for instance. But let's say that you draw 1000 starting hand sample, you would be really close to 100% of having either one of those 12 cards. Probably over 99% or 98%. Maybe even over 99.5%.
So I went inot that duel, and I even used a maxx c to draw two cards. Even after that, I had none of those cards (and still a gelato :< ). I think I had two mst and a burial from another dimension. But the thing is with not having those cards, is that I got tenki and palooza. So I didn't have mojoleine, to add whatever I needed according to my hand, I didn't have anjelly, that just works whatver your hand is, this card is a blessing, I didn't had mewfeuille, which is the only case where it is ok to have gelatos in hand, I didn't have hootcake, which is particularly good after you got to dump a maxx c in grave in order to go plus. I didn't have none of that. And I play three of each? However I did have two gelatos. But that's the thing, not having the other stuff, meant I had a pretty good chance of having palooza. And I did.And I won in the end. I didn't had the opportunity to add either chateau or ticket, once more, but I did have one other combo I love, tiara and mechquipped.
So after playing a third duel, with again, a bad hand (but a bit more average, as I did had the option to add a ticket this time - or a chateau, but if I can only have one, I usually choose ticket).
So I realized that this deck, isn't only spamming geltaos, add the broken never lose advantage it would be too sad spells, while having the options for tiara(s) and go always more plus (which I do like, but not during hours), and it is actually a pretty lively deck, actually responsive and with many combos and efficient plays. So I did have to put it in this post, and I am so sorry I doubted muh cupcakes even for just a moment. So having those bad hands restores my faith into them. And I think ti would have even if I had lost, but on top of that, I di manage to get over beelzes in one duel, over ptolemy and bls and beelze in another, and over two bls and a ptolemy in a third one. So yeah, cupcakes 4ever <3

And there is one last deck I enjoy playing just as much as the four beforementionned deck. And it is my deck calledn "draw O_O". Yes, I love responsive plussing decks. It is basically a rank up magic rank 4 deck, that never goes minus and draw, draw, draw, and draw again. I play triple sacred crane, triple star drawing, and I always go for king of feral imp first, and have only one synchro in my extra deck, while playing three masked kamenleon, as it is a one card xyz (so aka, a not go minus card). I also play double generation force (use to be three) to add the spell or trap I need. It is a fun deck, not based on any archetype, but based on exceedind for stuff and taking advantage of the xyz support. It is really fun to play, and it is my number one pick for when I tag. I have many variants of this deck, some kinda very different, as I go less plus, but on the other hand I play xyz gift with card that don't need their attachments, but this is not my favourite build. I also have a kinda similar build, but with traptrix. If I go first, you basically lose. But it has trouble dealing with going second, where my first rank 4 build doesn't care.
I really like it, and it is no archetype, which makes it even more refreshing.

These are I think the 4 decks I have the most fun playing with.

I also kinda like vampires, fish, straight up lightsworn, some original decks like quasar exodia (which I have for months, but got uploaded by a youtuber, and now it seems less "unique"), sylvans and mecha phantom beast, but I guess not near as much.

I also like, maybe one more level beneath, umbrals, inzektors, fire kings, and harpies.

And I guess between level 1 and 2, I did forgot bujins and galaxys. I do really really like them, and probably galaxys a bit more than bujins. I would talk a bit more in depth about them, but I did forget them. So I guess my mind decided for me. But I would almost put them alongside the five first decks, especially galaxys (which I actually play quite a lot, probably the second or third deck I play the most even, so I don't know how I forgot it...).
But yeah, and i've rambled quite a lot as well, and I am pretty tired, and I don't even know if anyone will ever read this.... so there's also that. But in short, where bujins were all about yamato and fuck you yamato wins, now bujins can spam so hard, it is not even fair. It is now a true tier 1 deck. Their new xyz even requires 3 materials, but that's because it has gotten way too easy for them to pull off now. Usually in an average push, I can go for one to two 'regualr" two materials rank 4 (if two, one is lavalval) on top of amatrasu, the one that requires three. And sometimes, you can push a lot harder. There is a spam variant of bujins. A youtuber even uploaded a variant with 0 crane, to show how the deck has changed and is now more about spam than sacking with yamato. You can also play very solid build, with heavy traps. You can do whatever you want, bujins have finally reack the boss level. And as far as galaxys are concerned, tachyon trasnimgration is way too borken, the free banish one card is way too neat at times, cloud dragon is ok in theor, but it bugs on ym ygo, and the newest ne, galaxy soldier, makes the deck a bit more consistent, which it kinda needed. The new xyz, are beyond good, and rank up argent is broken in any high level rank deck. Well, except rank 7, pretty ironic, isn't it ?

Also, I had an amazing spammable idea for mecha phantom beasts, but olion bugs on ygo, and in practice I woud actually need 7*8 monster zones, sometimes 9 or 10. But potentially, if that would have been the case, with a scapegoat (four tokens aren't needed, I think two "free" tokens are enough, so even foolish a dandylion) would let me go in one turn with an ok hand (not broken, not optimal, just good), for dracossack, catastor (or another level 5 synhcro), having one mehca phantom beast left, and plasma on board in one turn. And I think I even might have one token left, or maybe more). And the deck also has the option for beelze, cuz why the fuck not. I think I can still mprove it, as for now, it is not as consitently efficient as my regular mehca pb build, but it has more options, and is potentially better, just less consistent, but probably more effective. In the end still less efficient, but I want to work on it.

So I also wanted to talk about what archetype you are most excited about, but this post is way too long already, and I have to eat, so maybe later on tonight, or tomorrow. Because thare are decks I can't wait for them to come out, I'm more excited that I have ever been for any deck, I hope I won't be disappointed ^^

So on that note, hope that if at least one person got to read this shit, that person enjoyed it at least a bit. And I would like to know here you stand yourself, which deck you prefer playing.

So yeah, wy in the first long ass post in a long time, hope many more will follow,and that they can please as much people as before (ven though I know they won't, for now at least :< ).

What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) LPUPrCs
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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )   What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2014 8:38 pm

Oh, I also forgot artifacts. You would put them on my "level 2" I think. Alongside vampires and what not. They are pretty fun, but somehow a bit tiring if you play too much of them. And by too much, I really mean too much, I can bear with still quite a few duels with them.

What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) LPUPrCs
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What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )   What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2014 7:01 pm

As usual Wy, I read your extremely entertaining post : p. By far the deck I am looking forward to the most is SatellaKnights(Obviously). They're essentially Constellars but even moar plus. No pleiades though : (. I agree Excition Knight is way too overrated, but it's still satisfying to blow up your opponents field with it. I haven't played that much yugioh lately, sadly, so I haven't been able to have fun with some of the new archetypes. However, Luna challenged me to beat her with a Malicevorous deck... which is a bit of a struggle.

Like you Wy, I have a rank 4 spam deck, but I admit it's much more Utopia/ZW focused, though less so than when it first started. Masked Chameleon op, that is all. I know hate Bujins even more than I did in the past : (. I'm glad to see that your love of Madolches has remained, you're still by far the best Madolche player I've seen : p.

I suppose where you and I differ Wy is what we enjoy in our decks. While you enjoy plussing and responsiveness, I've always been a fan of control. Sure, you can have 20 cards in your hand but if I can prevent you from using them, what's the point in having them in the first place? Options and cards in the hand are wonderful, certainly, but being able to produce a monster that is immune to almost everything at the loss of my hand is more to my liking.

I try to avoid netdecking, especially when I first make a deck. that way, I'm able to work out what I think the strengths and weaknesses of a deck are and what strategies and techs you use with them.

In conclusion, Pendulum Summons are crazy. But hey it's about time : p.
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What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )   What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] ) I_icon_minitime

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What is yall playin' (looooooooon ass post, it's been a wyle since I've done this :] )
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