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If Anyone Sees This...
Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2021 6:42 pm by Lryuzaki13

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Affiliation With AKA!
Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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 Black Rose 101

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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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Black Rose 101 Empty
PostSubject: Black Rose 101   Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 12, 2013 2:45 pm

You all know the drill. Summon scrap while having an indestructible card on the field (Ruins with one crystal beast in the s/t zone, a card under the effect of key beetle, Stardust Radiant, Ultimate axon kicker, Draco fuckin sack, Felgrand the freakin divine knight or even the mighty seal of orichalcos, and what not).

You would pro-target this card with scrap, in order to get a free pop.

Hmmm. Yeah. Well, it's an ok move, but I would have to call you a small leagues player.

Why would you fart, when you have a bomb ready to nuke some asses, ready in your extra ?

You all know where this is going. Go Black Rose and nuke the freakin damn field. But do it pro. I'm not talking about a defensive Black Rose. You know, the one you throw out when you are in a desperate situation.

No. This move is for weak lil' bitches. I lose my turn, but at least you lose your field. And if you commited too much to the field, I might game you next turn. But I'm done for now. Yeah, weak lil' bitches.

I am talking about a pro offensive Black Rose. Don't use your bomb in order to save your ass, but use it to take some lives !
How do you make a pro Black rose ? Two ways :
-A plus Black rose on the field.
-A plus Black rose in your hand.

No need to say the first option is better. But at least going plus in the hand while nuking the field is a bit more pro.

So here are some combos that will let you gain crazy advantage, if you know whenand where to Black rose. Some of them are already well-known, some of them are obvious (somtimes even so obvious, that you didn't even think about it or did it without even realizing it) and some are less known.

But here we go, and you'll get why current e drags play two of this damn threat :<

(also don't be silly, use it only if your opponent has a better field than you, in order to already get plus, and don't killa good field when you have one. These combos are there to go further plus.)

First of, the too well-known debris into dandy into Black rose. This is the definition of 101.
Summon Debris Dragon, use its effect in order to summon Dandylion, then nuke the field. Black Rose is optionnal, while dandy is mandatory. Dandy is therefore chain link 1, and chain rose chain link 2. Chains resolve backwards. So you nuke the field, and then get two tokens. It's not plus per say, but instead of the usual I kill your field, but i leave you with blank field to face as well, at least you have protection for your next turn. Use this one if you have a big push next turn, or if you really need to clear the board. This os not yet an offensive Black Rose, but at least is it a smart one.

In a lesser extent this combo works quite well, if you don't fear an otk with debris and card trooper. Card trooper's effect is negated, but it can still be activated, so you can mill 3, if you are playing a deck that need grave set up. It can allow you to have further pushes in the game, and sometimes even in the same turn (let's say you mill plaguespreader zombie and Malicious -well, first of, it would mean that you cheated, but you would nuke the field and have access to an instant level 8 synchro. So yeah, in some decks, trooper can be good to bring back. But don't that if you are not sure to have a play the same turn/some defense/enough life points. Cuz it would leave an open field for your opponent to otk you.)

Then there is the even-more-pro variant of the debris+card trooper combo. Have any splashable level 3 that wouldn't waste your special summon (t.g. warwolf -as you will special summon a level 3 monster fromt he grave with debris- spell striker -providing you have a spell in your grave- gilasaurus -you don't care if the opponent brings back a monster : you will nuke it anyways- even mimimic -providing your opponent has a monster...)
So here you still get trooper back and mill three with him (cuz you play it usually when your deck likes to mill). But if you are not in a great situation to mill, don't mill, it doesn't matter. So you would have at least trooper, debris, and a random level 3 (this also works if you already had a level 3 on the field). Go Black rose, but with debris and the random level 3. Black rose will nuke the field, you got your grave set up with trooper, and trooper is one of the cards that will die to Black rose effect. But what happens when trooper is destroyed ? You get to draw a card. So you nuke, set up and draw 1.
See, we are getting to the serious shit already.

Want to to draw even more ?
Sure, but this time we'll use junk synchron, tuningware and inferno reckless summon. Well, I think you understood it.
Summon junk, get back a tuningware, use inferno summon, go black rose and draw 3 for doing so. Is it fair ? No. Is it pro ? Yes. Is it smart ? No. Is it fun ? Yes. Wait. What ? o.O
It isn't smart ? No. Becasue with the same combo, you coulld go for Junk destroyer, and while drawing three, you can pop up to three cards. Which means you conserve your field, while dealing heavy loss to the opponent's. But if you are out of junk destroyer, or if the opponent has a very scary field, with more than three threats, sure Black rose can be ok. But if you have de-synchro, destroyer fiesta Wink
Well, the one difference would be if he has monster to summon thanks to your inferno summon. With Black rose you don't care. With destroyer, well, it would be more things on the field, probably at least three monsters and you could be botheres, about what to destroy, what to not destroy. But if he can't get any monsters, Destroyer is definitely better. You would have to wisely choose, according to the situation.

Told you, we are getting to some serious shits.

Now, do you know how skull servant decks are used ? You mill, mill again, and mill even more. You try to get >3000 atk (i think up to three 8000 beaters) king of the skull servants. You have many means to do it. Milling a mezuki. having one banish (allure of darkness for instance) and get him back with leviair, or even better with wightmare's eff (you get a king on field, and one more skull servant in the grave), having zombie master, having book of life...
But there is a pro way to do it. Yes, there is a pro way to do it, involving Black rose :< Yest you nuke the field, while getting a potential 8k beater. Yes it is completely unfair. Yes, I will tell you how to do it.
Magical merchant is a must in a skull servant deck. Monster reincarnation as well. But it doesn't matter how. Get a Debris dragon to hand and a beast of the pharaoh to the grave (this second is part is pretty damn easy, milling, foolish, armageddon, lavalval...). What is this pharaoh's beast effect ?
Well, it is "if this card is sent to the graveyard for a synchro summon, you can special summon one level 4 or lowere zombie type monster from your grave".
There. You got it. You nuke the field, and while doing so, bring back a huge beater. Potential otk even. Technically a king can have up to 11k attack, but in a regular build, up to 10k, or three kings with 8k each Wink (one for one op).
So yeah, here is a big pro offensive black rose. Clear the field and any potential bothering traps. And if you have mezuki(s) in grave, book of life, one for one and what not (the mezuki in grave is particularly easy), you can easily get 2-3 kings the same turn you nuke the field. Yes. It is mean. Yes, you should try it. Yes, it is much fun.

Heh, this isn't black rose 101 for nothing Wink

And I'm not done yet.

Two more as satisfying combos to go.

If you ever synchro summoned one day, you knowhow easy it is to get both Librarian and formula in one turn. The must is that you draw two. It is already plus. And if you can't go for Quasar, don't over extend and stop right here. Keep your other pushes in hand, and end turn with librarian and formula on the field, after getting plus two in the hand. Then next turn, you wait for your opponent to make his moves in main phase 1, and right before he can enter his battle phase, use formula eff, and synchro for Black rose. Nuke, not as usual during your turn, leaving your opponent with potential plays against a blank field. (I know you can set traps, but nuking defensively is even more bitchy if you set stuff afterwards), but after your opponent made his moves during his turn. And there you have a huge damage dealing combo. You will not let your opponent have plays aginst your blank field, you get plays against your opponent's blank field. Well, a good player migh want to kill formula before going for his plays, but then you can still nuke what he currently has (and don't forget you already got plus 2 in hand) or at laest he would waste one battle phase. And that is IF he alreadt has stuff on the field to get over formula, and then your librarian is most likely to survive, and you would get plusses next turn. And most players don't expect that anymore anyways, even the good ones. Anyway, it's a win-win situation for you, that set you up hard for your next turn. And you drew 2 for doing this :]

And now why Black rose is broken in e drags, adn why they don't run any mst in main anymore.

Go Dracossack. Try to banish a tempest while doing so, in order to search for debris dragon. Use draco eff and summon two token. Then summon debris and use one of the token to make black rose with debris. Nuke the field. Dracossack stays alone. Direct blow for 2600.And if you had a trooper in grave, again, you got grave set up, and since you used a token to make black rose, trooper is not synchro fodder, and gets destroyed, letting you draw 1. So you can set your grave up, draw 1, nuking an entire field (and usually you don't have any stuff on board, apart from dracossack and ravine why not) and still having a dracossack on the field (without tokens, sure, but it is 2600 beater, and you deal damage to the opponent' s field, he might not get over it during his next turn. And again, if his field wasn't good, or if he has too many cards in hand, there is no need to black rose. Thou shalt black rose wisely.

No. No it isn't over yet. Yes. There is an even more nasty combo with dracossack and debris dragon. Yes it's an otk.

Summon dracossack. Let's say you already banished a tempest and got a debris dragon (and why not for dracossack's summon). It is pretty easy to banish a dragon when playing e drags if i am not mistaken. Wait one turn. And "hope" dracossack survives, which he usually do, especially with two tokens (don't wait one turn if you know draco won't survive).

Then next turn, what will your situation be ? You would have the two dragons used as material for dracossack in grave (use its eff to special tokens twice in the two turns). If you have four tokens, and there is nothing to pop on your opponent's field, well, black rose isn't really needed... So you are sure to have at least one token and room to summon debris. But this turn, you didn't use your dragon's effect yet, when last turn you already did, in order to summon the dracossack. First balck rose. Destroy the damn field, and have dracossack survive it. Then your grave situation. You have at least the two dragons used for dracossack, and at least two other dragons : debris dragon and black rose. You can banish themto summon blaster. Then you only need ant two dragons to summon Tidal (banish either from grave or hand, it doesn't matter, just summon the freakin tidal).
So your field would consist of Dracossack, Blaster and Tidal. 2800+2600+2600=8000 exactly, and this is after you black rosed a field, so exactly 8k is enough. And if somehow your opponent has an answer (Tragoedia, Gorz...) well, it's easy. Remember ? You have two level 7 monsters on board. Summon big eye, draco, blades or whatever. AND. And you can still pop with dracossak if you were smart enough to attack with him at last (cuz if they answered before, you still have the pop. If they don't answer draco's attack if he is the last to attack, well, it's game). Yeah, usually you attack with the strongest last (blaster), but draco's eff is a big deal after such a huge play. So you would have a rank 7, and he would have lost 5400 lp at this point, and lost a gorz/trag (that is IF he survived). And yes, that is one reason why e drags run two Black Roses now. And yes i've otk'd many times this way. Yes, it is easy to set up.

And as a final note, the best thing about Black rose, is that ot doesn't care about any traps (bottomless, compulse...), as its effect will go off no matter what. If you try to summon scrap, they can still have answers. If you get Black rose... Only warning can stop it (or roach, but who plays roach honestly, and then just run over it Wink).

So, let's happily nuke all the time my fiends Very Happy

(if you have any cool Black rose combos I might have forgotten, don't hesitate to reply to this post :] I myslef, will try to find some more if I can. So that's it for now fo the first post of the combos section :] )
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PostSubject: Re: Black Rose 101   Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 4:08 pm

This inspired me to make a skull servant deck, by the way. I don't like synchro decks, but I'm sure this will help Dante.
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Wynaughtify (KFC)

Wynaughtify (KFC)

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PostSubject: Re: Black Rose 101   Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 4:25 pm

Well, skill drain, black horn of heaven, veiler... All these stuff stops black rose, but less stuff stops black rose, compared to other monsters, especially synchro/xyz. But don't get me wrong, scrap with the free pop is excellent, it was only for the sake of the post ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Black Rose 101   Black Rose 101 I_icon_minitime

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Black Rose 101
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