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» I'm kinda Back,
by Lryuzaki13 Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:10 am

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by Fujiwara Shinji Wed Nov 19, 2014 2:49 pm

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by Why so serious ? Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm

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by Why so serious ? Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:56 am

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Affiliation With AKA!
Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:31 pm by Lryuzaki13
Affiliation With AKA
Hello, after speaking with the 3 owners of Alpha Knight Academy, they have agreed to affiliate with us. Hopefully, this will mean we can get more members and people who can test, meaning more recruitment can take place, etc.. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership.

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I'm back guys
Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:38 pm by Why so serious ?
Sorry guys I haven't been there in "ages" but I'm back. Well kinda.
I might try to post a fun stuff within the next few days.
Also, can't wait for necloths and spirit beasts ^^
Also school starts soon for me and when it does I won't have much time at all. I could be on like one day a week. Still better than nothing like the past few days I guess.

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This time for sure (playlist and points)
Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:43 am by Why so serious ?
So now we actually finally have a playlist.

The rules (which are subject to change, I still haven't talk to Lryu about it) :
-You can pay 2000 points to add a song to the playlist
-If 5 people want the same song to be removed, we'll have a vote poll in which only one of these persons can vote (anyone) and where the one who submitted the song cannot.
-If 10 or more people want the same song to be …

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 funny duel highlights (4) : Bujins don't need no magic cylinder + surprise bonus screenshot, cuz I love you :]

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PostSubject: funny duel highlights (4) : Bujins don't need no magic cylinder + surprise bonus screenshot, cuz I love you :]   Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:46 pm

So I'll stop this (insert the number) when I have a topic for my schtuff, cuz I don't know where to put them, but I don't like the idea to have multiple duels per post, and it is a way for me to remember what I have already talked about, and where I am at in my ramblings.

So I just had a pretty nice duel with my bujins. Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshot this time :/

It is actually more interesting then "fun" per say this time.

So I had two set traps : safe zone and bujin regalia (add 1 bujin monster fromgrave to hand or return 1 banished bujin monster to grave, basically lets you recycle habakiri/hetsuka/hachi/murakumo and add back a dead yamato if needed).

I also had honest and habakiri in hand (and bujincarnation, no need to say I was pretty safe), as well as susano and yamato on the field. It was my opponent's turn and he had 5400 lp.

He was playing chaos dragons and had tefnuit in hand (i knew it since he added it last turn with the seal). He also had a live mali in grave. So he summoned tefnuit, mali and the lightpulsar dragon he apparently just drew. He knew I had one habakiri in hand.

He had no options at this point, as I had hetsuka in grave (only 1 I think). You may say that he could've went for gauntlet launcher, but he knew I had bujin regalia (I added it two turns before with mikazuchi). So I would have been able to protect my bujins from the two hits, and he didn't know I had honest, but I had another trap set (and at this point I revealed that I play safe zone and fiendish chain). But even if my backrow was nothing, he only could've killed one, and I had a murakumo as well (susano still had a material). But if there were any chance that I couldn't save both my bujins, I might have let them both die, as I had bujincarnation in hand (he knew, mikazuchi op). And at this point I had murakumo, another susano with two materials, which would have let me recruit for a habakiri, and from this point, he would be at 800 lp and he would have to top deck.

And this is if my backrow was nothing (not even lance, which would have protect my monsters as well). So no matter how you look at this, I had gain too much advantage at this point, and it was my game. And tehn again, I might have had two hetsuka anyways. I alwasy stock up on hetsuka/hachi (and hetsuka first), but hachi being pretty useless against chaos dragons...

In the end he chose to go for ptolemy, and didn't even bother to use its effect. I don't quite remember his grave, but I don't think he had anything interesting enough to get back. Still better than doing nothing though, and he still had 5400, and I wasn't playing bujin garden, but more conservative bujin, so I don't otk (usually). Anyways, he went into battle phase, and attacked susano with ptolemy.

And this is the first interesting point : I wanted to get as much damage as possible. So I decided to use both honest and habakiri on this one attack. You might be wondering what the interesting point is. Well it will let me talk about chains. The thing is with habakiri, it doesn't double your attack. It makes your attack becomes double your original attack for one damage calculation. So for instance, if tenki is on the field, yamato have 1900 atk. But if you use habakiri, it won't be at 3800, but at 3600, being double its original attack. So no matter what your attackstat is at the moment where you use habakiri, your atk becomes double the amount written on the card. So let's say I activate habakiri, then honest. Honest is chain link 2 and resolves first, making susano's attack 5100, then habakiri resolves, making susano's attack 4800. So the correct play is to activate honest first, then chain habakiri, making your attack 4800, then gain the attack of your opponent's monster, making the damage always 4800 with susano in such conditions.

This is an important ruling for anyone. Lryu for instance, we all know you love constellars, and you must play honest. So let's say you are playing against any light deck (aka a "I don't care if it makes 41 cards I'll splash honest anyways and no matter what you say" deck) lightsowrns for instance. (Pleiades op, but not against jd Razz) Let's say it is your turn, but you are fearing a honest in their hand, while you have your own honest in hand. When you attack, don't wait for him to activate honest, activate yours right away, instead of foolishing "saving" it. Turn player can always choose to be chain link 1, if there is both can player can eventually activate an effect at the same time. Because if you don't activate it right away, your honest will be chain link 2 and hence resolves first. SO you would gain the opponent's monster's attack, then his monster will gain your current attack, which means both your monster's and his original attacks and you would lose the battle. That's why if you fear anything that would happen in damage calc, since there can only be one and only chain during damage calc, if you are the turn player, always activate honest rigth away.

So at this point, he only had lightpulsar left and only 600 lp. He decided to attack my yamato, and indeed declared the attack. And here is the second interesting point. So I let him declare the attack, and he decided to indeed attack. As you know, I didn't have anything such as fiendish chain, mirror force, d prison... But I had the regalia, so after the attack declaration, I activated regalia to add back habakiri to hand. Then on damage calc, I used th habakiri I just added, AFTER he declared his attack. I totally have the rigth to do that. Keep that in mind if ou are playing against bujins. They don't have to waste the regalia in order to prevent bad stuff to happen, they can react in the middle of the action, and thus, keeping it live until the last moment, and never waste it (if he didn't attack, I wouldn't have activated it, but instead keeping it for later if needed, and choose whatver I need when finally deciding to activate it, be it either add back a hetsuka, a murakumo a hachi or as I did, a habakiri, or even a yamato, if I am in a bad situation), but on the contrary, use it when needed and at its full potential. And not only that, but it is a chainable as it is a trap.

So he was at 5400 lp, had two monsters, each stronger than both of mine, and lost in that one turn, by attacking me ^^ I guess it is still pretty funny :DSo yeah, as the titile states, they really don't need any migic cylinder ^^ Or it would be armageddon O_O

And since I love you guys, I will still post a screenshot from a funny duel. And although it is not about the last duel, it does involve bujins.

So as you might know, on devpro there are now 5 bujins beast-warriors (the two xyz, the infamous yamato, the underrated mikazuchi and the brand new and not yet on dn arasuda, that can open up some plays, and especially in bujin garden - I tested it, and it makes the otk even easier, providing you get to use murakumo/hachi - or hetsuka. Basically, whenever a bujin monster is banished, eitehr from grave or from the field, you can special summon it in defense. So you pop a card and speical summon it. Easy xyz, either susano or gaia d, and then go for the easy bujin garden otk from there He also has another effect, during the end phase of a turn you added a bujin monster to your hand without drawing it, you can draw 1 then discard 1. No need to say yamato +mikazuchi + arasuda is uper dupper plus, and usually when I have them at the same time, I don't xyz and just choose to go hard plus).

Anyways, you know these duels, where you have such control from the beginning you can do whatever you feel like, especially with a good match up ? Well, this was one of these duel. And I felt like having all 5 bujin beast warriors at the same time ont field.

You can call them power rangers ^^
They do look a bit like them with all the difference colors, and the xyz would be the zord (or whatever the big ass robots are called - and actually, susano is in fact yamato equipped with murakumo, habakiri, and hetsuka, and kagutsuchi is mikazuchi equipped with yata, hachi and orochi. I am so looking forward to new bujin helpers and a new xyz, being arasuda equipped with them :3) Razz

I did gain a pretty cool advantage in this game, didn't I ? Well, this is what happens, when you have both mikazuchi and yamato on the field. They really wreck cookies, especially if you happen to have vanity's emptiness.

So yeah, I am trying a build playing arasuda (and magic planter as you've seen ^^), and I really like him. He's often a sack harder card, if you happen to draw habakiri with its effect for instance (which I did only once). A bit like lightsworn trying to always sack harder. However the easy special summon of this card, especially in a more defensive build than bujin garden (where you are more likely to use hachi/murakumo), really is helpful at times, making easy susano (or paladynamo :< or... cowboy O_O) who is awesome. You don't need dark hole with susano, and you can add habakiri/yamato or dump any useful bujin in grave immediately. It's like a berserker that kills every monster, and for two turn you can choose its eff (detach 1 to pop a backrow if you dump hachi, detach 1 to pop one face-up card if you dump murakumo...). Anyways, you know how bujin only summon once per turn, but are super good and consistent anyway ? Now they can go for xyz in one turn. And susano recruit for yamato anyways (or if needed). And you can aslo special summon him if a bujin gets bottomlessed (unless you have a live bujincarnation, it can be pretty nice. Watch out though, he gets special summoned in def, which means no habakiri protection. Also did you know that with bujincarnation, you can just reborn yamato and a random bujin, that you might use for an xyz for instance, with normal summoning any bujin from the hand. You can keep that free yamato with no restriction. Bujincarnation is a mega free reborn. And did you know that you can even reborn susano with it ? In case you need to attack every opponent's monster Razz).
Bujins just get more and more plays/options (options O_O) and I love it ^^

They indeed were the first deck that got into a more competitive aspect of yugioh, and withouth them, I actually would never have met mathayus, and thus never met any of you. So all hail bujins !
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PostSubject: Re: funny duel highlights (4) : Bujins don't need no magic cylinder + surprise bonus screenshot, cuz I love you :]   Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:46 pm

Bujins are an extremely interesting deck. At first I didn't consider them good, because they seemed a bit slow and also because Terry used them, but I've realized they can be quite powerful, especially with Vanity's Emptiness(No Pleiades Sad). And I already knew about the Honest ruling, but thank you : p. Judgement Dragon = sad times(Until you summon 61).
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funny duel highlights (4) : Bujins don't need no magic cylinder + surprise bonus screenshot, cuz I love you :]
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